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Well Wishes

As we cannot speak with all of our family and friends on our special day we would love to hear from you.


Whether you are joining us via zoom or within the church building please RSVP all who intend on being in attendance. Failure to RSVP will prevent you from entering into the Zoom Room.

To Our Guests

We hope that you are well and keeping safe during these precautious times. This year has provided us with many surprises, one such surprise is the lock-down imposed since March of this year and the on-going sanctions to support a controlled exit from these measures. Despite this, we take joy knowing that even during this time you can participate in our marriage celebration.

As eluded to previously, the government guidelines have prohibited the normal course of societal events such as weddings. However, the government has been able to allow weddings and worship services since early July 2020. The staggered easing of restrictions is a breath of fresh air which enables us to have some friends and family present, however, this is dependent on whether or not the threat of the virus continues to reduce.

Regardless of these uncertain times, we have decided to mark this moment with a special and victorious new beginning in juxtaposition to the trend of this year. Therefore, we have set the date of our marriage ceremony to be on the 5th of September 2020. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do a wedding of the magnitude which we are traditionally familiar with due to the pandemic. As a result, for the safety of our families, friends, and loved ones we have now decided to host our guests in a very limited number at the venue and allow our wider guests to experience the day virtually.​

Due to the restrictions, we have deemed it appropriate to have the legal ceremony closed to our guests and just with our parents and siblings present. The guests will be open to attend the marriage celebration worship service which will commence after the legal ceremony. We hope you understand and appreciate this arrangement so that we can stay within the government guidelines.

We wish to welcome you to our focus in marriage and focus in life which is the journey and story of Christ and the Church - the perfect marriage relationship. We want to demonstrate this through our lives to the whole world. Regardless of what happens in this world God is not through with us yet and is looking forward to receiving his bride and as such we have hope and look forward to a glorious future. Therefore, we are happy that we can invite you to our marriage celebration service physically and virtually to demonstrate and showcase the light coming out of the valley. We hope to behold you and host you in a new and intimate way.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we journey closer to starting our lives together.​

We love you all




We are happy to host you both virtually and physically and if you wish to bless us with a gift we would greatly appreciate a monetary contribution.

Our bank details are as follows:

Caleb Jones


Sort code: 60-22-22

Account No: 67675328


If you would like to send us any cards or well wishes through the post


Please address these to:


1 Bethel Court



M7 4BF


We hope to thank you in person soon!


For Our Venue Guests

To ensure the safety of your family and loved ones please adhere and respect the following guidelines.



  • DO NOT attend the marriage celebration if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms. Please note that your temperature and personal details will be taken upon your arrival. If you are found to be at an abnormal temperature you will be kindly asked to leave the building.

  • DO NOT attend the marriage celebration if anybody in your immediate household or bubble is showing any symptoms of the virus as there may be vulnerable guests in attendance.

  • DO NOT attend the marriage celebration if you have experienced symptoms of the virus less than 14 days prior to attending.

  • Use the hand sanitiser which will be placed near to every entrance and exit of the building.

  • Wear a mask, face-covering, or PPE during the ceremony as required by law. This will not apply to those participating in the ceremony such as the Bride, Groom & Officiant.

  • Follow the one-way system when leaving and entering the church.

  • Maintain 1.5 metres between you and others who are not a part of your bubble. Where possible you will be seated with those in your family bubble.

  • Please refrain from walking in and out of the room.

  • Inform us if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms 21 days following our marriage celebration.


Well Wishes


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