Grandma & Nicole (Granddaughter)2009
Granddaughter serving at her 90th
Auntie Gwen & Nieces 2017
'Just let me tell you something'
Auntie G with her Niece, Lilly 1998
Mother & Daughter, Eula-Lee
Grandma w/ Eula-lee & Baby Nicole
A nice summers day with Mother
With Older Siblings - Alec & Sweetie
Ingram's Wedding Guest (Right)
Children of Leeds
Family Photo Day
Start of theNational Welfare Service
Grandma with her Grandchildren 2009
Raphael's (Grandson) Graduation 2011
Reciting a Poem in Gibson Rd
Bethel United Church Choir
Raymond & Michelle's Wedding 1987
Kendall's Blessing(Granddaughter)'96
Micah's Blessing (Grandson) '98
Visiting the Ark

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